Library of animations
Create animations with the complete editor, thanks to a wide collection of equipment and training material (balls, cones, fences, pikes ...).
Powerful editing and drawing tools. Keep everything organized with the folder structure.
Export your animations to image, video or PDF to make communication with your players much more effective.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Organize your time Create events, training sessions and games and visualize everything clearly in the calendar.
Customize the colors, and alternate between the personal calendar or the calendar of each team to have everything better organized.
Training, games, talks, preseason periods, holidays ... Anything you need fits into the calendar.
Training sessions
Take advantage of all your exercises to plan your training sessions down to the smallest detail.
Keep control of the assistant players and organize them in groups, each with a different planning.
Customize the exercises with individual settings for each session.
Preview your players or take them comfortably to the field in a PDF.
Games and Scouting
The best tool to prepare, follow and analyze your games.
Everything you need to follow a game from the field, and with the convenience of doing it from the iPhone or iPad.
Scoring, positioning in the field, player ratings, minute by minute statistics.
All in a simple, fast and effective way.
Once finished you can create a powerful PDF report with all the information collected, down to the smallest detail.
Teams and players
Database of equipment and players. Basic, sports, personal data. All the information you need, accessible from anywhere.
Customize the uniforms of the teams, as many as you wish.
Make notes, ratings and add the documents you need, all well organized and with the seal of Efficiency Match Sports.
And much more…
Valid for the main sports: soccer in all its variants (11, futsal, 7, beach), basketball, handball, rugby, water polo, volleyball, American and Australian football, cricket, tennis...
Everything completely customizable. Document manager (photos, videos, PDF, links, notes, animations ...).
Synchronization between iPad and iPhone. Available in multiple languages ...
Efficiency Match Sports, professionals for professionals.

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Library of animations, database of teams and players, calendar and training sessions.


Games and scouting, more options in the library, annotations, ratings, documents and much more.