Is it possible to export animations?

Yes, from the action menu of an animation you have the option to export.

Once inside it will give you the options of exporting to video, image, landscape or portrait PDF (with the details of the animation).

How do I make a curved path?

To make a curved trajectory in a ball, player or any other element it is enough to move the element, and when the dotted line of trajectory appears, with another finger give the desired curvature.

How do I zoom in on an animation?

To zoom in on an animation, just pinch with two fingers, with the common gesture. To move an animation with the zoom applied you have to slide two fingers.


Can a player be on several teams at once?

Yes, a player can be in as many teams as you wish, even at the same time (i.e. club and selection).

Simply go to the player tab and in the trajectory tab add as many contracts as you want, indicating the team, number, start date and end date.

How can I change the number to a player?

There are two options:

  • If you want to change the number of the player during the whole season, just go to the player’s card, to the trajectory tab and select the desired contract to change the number.
  • If you only want to change the number for a specific game, from the list of summoned players tap on the player’s shirt and you have the option to change the number.

Training sessions

How can I add players to a training session?

To add players to a training session, before creating the session you have to select the desired team, from the calendar icon, top left.

If you had created the session from the general calendar, you can move it to the desired team from the options menu within the session, with the move option.


How can I rate players, teams ...?


Is it possible to synchronize data between devices?

At the moment only it’s possible synchronization between devices (iPhone / iPad) using the same Apple ID. This is done in a completely transparent way for the user, and when data is changed in one device in a few moments (depending on the connection) they are updated in the other.

At the moment you can not synchronize data with other devices that use different Apple ID, but in the future it can be done.

How can I manage my subscription?

Here is a link with Apple’s instructions to do so:

View, change, or cancel your subscriptions