Library of animations

Create and customize animations. Drills, tactic, exercises…

Organize them using the folder system, as it suits you best.

Use all the material included: players, balls, cones, fences, pikes, gym equipment …

Highlight your animations with the drawing tools, make them appear only at the right moments.

Customize the background, choosing the pitch, and the color of the lines. You can even use your own images.

Choose the area you want, and focus your animations forgetting the rest of the field.

Efficiency Match supports the main sports.

Soccer, indoor football, beach soccer, football 7, American and Australian football, handball, basketball, rugby, hockey in all its variants, water polo …


Create events, training sessions and games and visualize them in an orderly manner on the calendar.

Customize the colors according to your needs.

Annual calendar to better plan your season.

Export it to PDF to print it comfortably.

Customize all event details, title, description, color, start and end date …

Events can last only a few hours or days, very useful to highlight periods such as preseason or vacation.

Training sessions

Organize your players by groups and assign different activities to each group.

Select the exercises from the library, and customize the settings for each session.

Show the preview of the session to your players. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Export the session to PDF and take it comfortably to the training, with all the details.

Games and Scouting

Control everything that happens in the game. Different events according to the sport. Use the predefined ones or create the ones you need.

Write everything down quickly so you do not miss a single detail.

Create annotations of your players. Use them before, during and after the game, to get your messages to the players.

Follow the game discreetly from your iPhone. Nobody will know that you are following a player.

Compare statistics by team and player. Enter and edit the details of each event easily.

Where does your equipment fail? What can you improve? What is your opponent’s strong point?

Follow all match events minute by minute.

Exports all the information in a complete PDF that you can customize at your whim with only the information you need.

Teams and Players

Database of teams and players, with all the details, notes, ratings, attachments …

Saves the entire trajectory of the players, to know who was in a team on a certain date.

Manage team uniforms.

A powerful uniforms design tool, with multiple options. Simple and effective, like everything in Efficiency Match Sports.

Filter players and teams by the parameters that interest you.

Are you looking for forwards between 18 and 20 years of a certain nationality? Efficiency Match Sports makes it easy for you.

Ratings of players and teams. Rate players game by game or globally.

Customize the categories and concepts to value, because not everyone is interested in the same.

More options

Choose the preferred sport when you start the application for the first time.

But do not worry, you can use any other sport at all times.

Control all the settings of the application from the options screen.

Customize most aspects of the application to suit your needs.

Customize predefined game events and adapt them to your needs or create the ones you need.

You can configure all the details so that during the matches everything is as fast as possible.